The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E1): Good Luck Todd

January 24, 2017

Season 3 of The Devil's Junkie Podcast kicks off with host Ralph Amsden examining the recent coaching departures, as well as how they're impacting both recruiting and Arizona State's impact in the Pac-12. 


Ralph compares Arizona State's recent coaching carousel to the smash hit film, Good Luck Chuck. A film, ironically, directed by a man named Mark Helfrich.

Segment 1 (3:45)

Why did Chip Lindsey leave for Auburn? A look at how Arizona State lost their second offensive coordinator in two years, as well as an examination of how all the rest of the assistant coaching changes Arizona State has experienced are impacting Arizona State's ability to be succesful on the field, as well as in recruiting.

Segment 2 (22:13)

What direction will the Sun Devils go in theis search for an offensive coordinator? A look and the candidates, and why they might, or might not fit. 

Segment 3 (37:35)

Arizona State has managed to secure a decent amount of talent over the last two seasons in spite of instability. Ralph breaks down the talent on the current roster, the depth, and what the program's needs are. 

Segment 4 (58:52)

Ralph takes questions from subscribers and people on Twitter. 


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