The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping ASU’s 20-13 loss to Stanford

October 19, 2018

(76 minutes) Ralph Amsden and Chilly discuss Arizona State's 20-13 Thursday night loss to Stanford.

What went wrong? What needs changed? Can the season be salvaged?

Stay tuned at the end for comments from Pac-12 commisioner Larry Scott from his press scrum at halftime. 


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: The Road Back from Boulder

October 8, 2018

After landing back in Phoenix, Ralph Amsden records a postgame reaction show addressing Arizona State's 28-21 loss to Colorado in Boulder.

Breakdown (77 miniutes)

Intro/Game Recap

(26:30) What is Arizona State's offensive identity?

(36:00) Ralph Amsden answers questions from Twitter followers and subscribers.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 8

October 5, 2018

Ralph Amsden talks about Eno Benjamin's record breaking performance against Oregon State, talks about ASU's most recent addition to the 2019 hoops recruiting class, Alonzo Verge, who commited to the Sun Devils this week, and previews Arizona State's road game against undefeated University of Colorado. Last, Ralph gives his prediction for the outcome of the game.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping Eno Benjamin’s record-breaking night and ASU’s win over Oregon State

September 30, 2018

Ralph Amsden and Chill of spend an hour in the press box after Arizona State's 52-24 win over Oregon State breaking down ASU'S win, Eno Benjamin's record-breaking performance, as well as the perceived strengths and weaknesses of Arizona State through 5 games.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping ASU’s 27-20 loss at #10 Washington

September 23, 2018
Breakdown (64 minutes)
Intro: Initial reaction to Arizona State's 27-20 loss at Washington
(18:45) Recap of the action on the field
(33:45) I answer your questions and address your concerns

The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: The Road Back from San Diego

September 16, 2018

Ralph Amsden records an hour-long stream-of-consciousness recap podcast of Arizona State's 28-21 loss at San Diego State on 9/15/18.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 7

September 14, 2018

Breakdown (87 minutes)

Intro/Tribute to Don Newman

(3:20) A Quarter-by-quarter recap of Arizona State's upset of Michigan State

(26:00) How do recruits feel about Herm Edwards after the big win?

(35:50) Analyzing Antonio Pierce's hire as Recruiting Director

(45:15) Breaking down Anthonie Cooper's commitment to Arizona State

(51:50) Media/Social Media reaction to Herm Edwards' Early Success

(59:50) Previewing San Diego State, with a Prediction

(1:08:00) Taking your questions


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping ASU’s 16-13 Win over #15 Michigan State

September 9, 2018

Breakdown (42 Minutes)

Ralph Amsden and Chilly from discuss Arizona State's 16-13 win over #15 ranked Michigan State. How was ASU able to come back and win? How did each individual position group perform? What does this win mean for Herm Edwards reputation at Arizona State, and how might some of the recruits that were in attendance react?


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping ASU’s 49-7 Win Over UTSA

September 2, 2018

Ralph Amsden and Chilly talk about ASU's 49-7 win over UTSA. What does it mean? What were the biggest differences between last year and this year offensively and defensively? What are the first impressions of the now fully-completed Sun Devil Stadium. Is Arizona State ready for Michigan State? (27 minutes)


Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S4,E6): ASU Fall Camp Media Day Show

August 14, 2018

Breakdown (77 Minutes)

Intro: Ralph Amsden breaks down some of Fall camp's most pertinent news, notes and observations.

Interview with DB Terin Adams (16:10) 

Interview with DB Demonte King: (34:20)

Interview with OL Steven Miller: (44:50)

(58:15): Ralph Amsden answers questions from DevilsDigest Subscribers and his Twitter followers