The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E3): 2017 to the Rescue?

February 9, 2017

The Devil's Junkie Podcast, S3E3 (80 minutes): 2017 could bring good things for Arizona State football and basketball, so long as everything goes according to plan. Will it? Ralph Amsden addresses concerns with the way the basketball team is constructed, whether the 2017 football signing class will make an impact, and the non-stop football coaching carousel. He also breaks down who ASU football is looking to recruit in the early stages of the 2018 cycle, and takes questions from DevilsDigest subscribers.


A look at the shortcomings of this year's ASU basketball team in the wake of a 68-43 home loss to Cal, and a discussion about whether or not they're primed for future success. 

Segment 2 (7:20)

A breakdown of ASU football's 2017 signing class. Will they make an impact right away? 

Segment 3 (27:30)

Arizona State can't seem to stop hiring coaches that end up linked to jobs elsewhere. Why is this happening, and how will it affect Todd Graham? Is there an end in sight to the non-stop coaching carousel? 

Segment 4 (40:50)

Who will Arizona State football target in the 2018 recruiting class? A look at some of the players they've already offered.

Segment 5 (54:40)

Answering questions from subscribers.


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