The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Junior Day Special

March 19, 2017

Saturday, March 18th was Arizona State's 2017 Spring Junior Day. Some of the best and brightest of the class of 2018 made the trip to Sun Devil Stadium to from all over the southwest, where they observed practice, met with coaches, and sat through presentations on the future of Sun Devil football. On this special episode of The Devil's Junkie Podcast, I talk to 13 players that visited the campus for Junior Day, and get their feedback on what they saw. 

Chandler (AZ) Hamilton QB Tyler Shough (1:00)

Gilbert (AZ) Perry QB Brock Purdy (6:35)

Scottsdale (AZ) Notre Dame Prep ATH Cole Fisher (10:10)

Phoenix (AZ) Mountain Pointe S Kenny Churchwell (13:55)

Scottsdale (AZ) Saguaro ATH Giovanni Miranda (20:50)

Safford (AZ) OT Ralph Frias (25:30)

Phoenix (AZ) Pinnacle OT Ben Fox (30:30)

Chandler (AZ) Hamilton DE/OLB Brayden Flynn (37:20)

Phoenix (AZ) Mountain Pointe RB Gary Bragg (42:55)

San Bernardino (CA) Aquinas RB Branden Rankins (46:50)

Manvel (TX) CB Kameron Pedesleaux (51:30)

Newbury Park (CA) DT Kamakani Crosby (54:50)

Mission Viejo (CA) ATH Christian LaValle (1:00:20)


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E4): Hello, Spring

March 19, 2017

In this 59-minute episode of the Devil's Junkie Podcast Ralph Amsden gets into the first few practices of the 2017 spring session. Does this Arizona State team have an identity? How are the new coaches faring? Which players have made strides forward? How should fans approach 2017 knowing that it's likely make or break for this staff? We get into all that in this episode, as well as conversations with senior running backs Kalen Ballage and Demario Richard. Devils Digest staff writer Fabian Ardaya talks about the Sun Devils' offense and the quarterback battle, while Devils Digest publisher talks about the defense, Todd Graham's evolution as a coach, and the message board community Rabino has helped foster over the last two decades. Finally, Ralph Amsden answers questions from Devils Digest subscribers.


What have spring practices looked like? How should fans view this 2017 team?

Interview with Kalen Ballage (18:40)

Ballage had an opportunity to pursue an NFL career- instead, he returned for his senior season. He reflects on his evolution as a person and player heading into his final set of spring practices.

Interview with Demario Richard (21:00)

Demario Richard has come to be viewed by the younger players and potential recruits as someone they can trust and look to for honest feedback. He talks about his philosophy on honesty and the legacy he hopes to leave behind in Tempe.

"You come here to leave a stamp on your legacy... make sure people remember you."

Devils Digest Staff Writer Fabian Ardaya (25:15)

Ardaya talks about how the Sun Devils' offense has looked under Billy Napier, and comments on the quarterback competition.

Devils Digest Publisher Hod Rabino (34:15)

Hod Rabino talks about the Sun Devils'' defense under new coordinator Phil Bennett, Todd Graham's evolution and flexibility as a head coach, and how he's been able to help craft a message board community over the last 17 years.

Q & A (49:35)

What are my main takeaways from spring practice so far, and what should subscribers be looking to see from this point on?

Did Robbie Robinoson get a fair shot?


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E3): 2017 to the Rescue?

February 9, 2017

The Devil's Junkie Podcast, S3E3 (80 minutes): 2017 could bring good things for Arizona State football and basketball, so long as everything goes according to plan. Will it? Ralph Amsden addresses concerns with the way the basketball team is constructed, whether the 2017 football signing class will make an impact, and the non-stop football coaching carousel. He also breaks down who ASU football is looking to recruit in the early stages of the 2018 cycle, and takes questions from DevilsDigest subscribers.


A look at the shortcomings of this year's ASU basketball team in the wake of a 68-43 home loss to Cal, and a discussion about whether or not they're primed for future success. 

Segment 2 (7:20)

A breakdown of ASU football's 2017 signing class. Will they make an impact right away? 

Segment 3 (27:30)

Arizona State can't seem to stop hiring coaches that end up linked to jobs elsewhere. Why is this happening, and how will it affect Todd Graham? Is there an end in sight to the non-stop coaching carousel? 

Segment 4 (40:50)

Who will Arizona State football target in the 2018 recruiting class? A look at some of the players they've already offered.

Segment 5 (54:40)

Answering questions from subscribers.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E2): Sun Devils Land a New OC

January 31, 2017

In this edition of the Devil's Junkie Podcast, Ralph Amsden examines the make-up of the coaching staff after the arrival of Billy Napier, previews ASU's 2017 class on the eve on signing day, talks with some walk-ons that the Sun Devils are bringing into the program, and takes questions from the Devil's Digest subscribers. 


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E1): Good Luck Todd

January 24, 2017

Season 3 of The Devil's Junkie Podcast kicks off with host Ralph Amsden examining the recent coaching departures, as well as how they're impacting both recruiting and Arizona State's impact in the Pac-12. 


Ralph compares Arizona State's recent coaching carousel to the smash hit film, Good Luck Chuck. A film, ironically, directed by a man named Mark Helfrich.

Segment 1 (3:45)

Why did Chip Lindsey leave for Auburn? A look at how Arizona State lost their second offensive coordinator in two years, as well as an examination of how all the rest of the assistant coaching changes Arizona State has experienced are impacting Arizona State's ability to be succesful on the field, as well as in recruiting.

Segment 2 (22:13)

What direction will the Sun Devils go in theis search for an offensive coordinator? A look and the candidates, and why they might, or might not fit. 

Segment 3 (37:35)

Arizona State has managed to secure a decent amount of talent over the last two seasons in spite of instability. Ralph breaks down the talent on the current roster, the depth, and what the program's needs are. 

Segment 4 (58:52)

Ralph takes questions from subscribers and people on Twitter. 


Devil’s Junkie Podcast- S2E11: Did you say “Utes?”

November 10, 2016

In this episode Ralph Amsden brings in publisher Hod Rabino to talk recruiting questions and concerns regarding the 2017 class, as well as Hod's memories of this year's group of seniors. He also talks with DevilsDigest staff writer Fabian Ardaya about the type of offense that Utah runs, and about Arizona State's chances of knocking off the ranked team. 


Devil’s Junkie Podcast- S2E10: Streakbusting at Autzen

October 27, 2016

Ralph Amsden, Brett Quintyne and Chilly talk about Arizona State's 37-32 loss to Washington State, as well as Todd Graham's confrontation with Mike Leach afterward. 

Brett interviews Pac 12 Network TV Analyst Anthony Herron about what he saw from this Sun Devils team.

The guys preview and make predictions about Arizona State's trip to take on 2-5 Oregon. 

Devil’s Junkie Podcast- S2E9: Stealing Signals

October 19, 2016

Ralph Amsden, Brett Quintyne and Chilly talk about Arizona State's flat performance in Boulder, and grapple over whether or not ASU lost to a "better" team.

The topic of Manny Wilkins is a sore subject, figuratively and literally- should he have been left in?

Ralph asks Brett and Chilly whether the NCAA should step in and do something to put an end to Mike Leach's accusations of Arizona State attempting to gain an unfair advantage through signal stealing. 

Last, the guys talk about what ASU needs to do to take down their third air-raid opponent of the season this weekend. 

Devil’s Junkie Podcast- S2E8: Next Man Up, On to Boulder

October 10, 2016

Ralph Amsden, Brett Quintyne and Chilly reflect on Arizona State's 23-20 win over UCLA to move to 5-1, and discuss what to expect in an upstart Colorado team in Boulder next week. 

With Dillon Sterling Cole likely to start, and Jack Smith likely to fill an emergency backup role as Manny Wilkins heals and Brady White sits out an extended period, the guys let you know what you can expect from both quarterbacks. They also discuss Brady White's debut performance.

Devil’s Junkie Podcast- S2E7: White Out the Rosen One

October 6, 2016

Ralph Amsden, Brett Quintyne and Chilly talk about Arizona State's blowout loss to USC, and what needs to be done to right the ship this week to secure a win over the UCLA Bruins. 

The guys discuss the blowouts that have occurred during the Todd Graham era, and whether those types of losses are keeping people from being satisfied with the overall success of the program. They also continue to beat to death the notion that ASU has gotten away from its (or perhaps never had a) commitment to the running game. 

Brady White's pros and cons are discussed and the guys predict the outcome of this week's game.