The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 5

July 4, 2018
Breakdown (60 Minutes)
(4:40) Ralph Amsden and Chilly Interview 4-Star DB Jordan Clark at the Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge
(18:50) Commitment Issues Podcast Co-Host Rob Cassidy and Rivals Recruiting Analyst Rob Cassidy gives his take on the Herm Edwards era
(31:00) Former ASU OL Marshal Nathe gives his analysis on ASU's most recent OL commit, Joey Capra of Placer High in Auburn, California
(45:10) Rivals National Basketball Analyst Eric Bossi gives his take on Michael Foster's decommitment, and his thoughts on the emergence of ASU Basketball

The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 4

June 23, 2018
Episode 4 Rundown (105 minutes)
(Intro) Ralph Amsden talks about the explosion of recent commits, seven in the last three weeks! Who did they land, and what do they bring to the table?
(28:00) Marshal Nathe weighs in on several topics, but primarily talks about what Arizona State is getting in Waxahachie, Texas OL commit LaDarius Henderson. 
(49:00) Ralph Amsden breaks down where ASU stands within the state of Arizona after landing three in-state recruits.
(1:11:30) Bobby Hurley just held a press conference looking ahead to the 2018-2019 basketball season. What will ASU's identity be on the court, and how can they replace Tra Holder, Shannon Evans and Kodi Justice?
(1:24:00) Ralph Amsden takes questions from listeners.

Devil’s Junkie Minicast: An Interview with ASU WR Commit Ricky Pearsall Jr

June 21, 2018

Ralph Amsden talks with 2019 Corona del Sol WR Ricky Pearsall Jr. after he announced his verbal commitment to play for Arizona State University.


Devil’s Junkie Minicast: An Interview with ASU QB Commit Joey Yellen

June 10, 2018

Ralph Amsden talks with 2019 Mission Viejo QB Joey Yellen after he announced his verbal commitment to play for Arizona State University.

(14 total minutes)


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 3

June 3, 2018

Episode 2 Rundown (74 minutes)

(Intro) Ralph Amsden and Hod Rabino break down Arizona State football's recruiting strategy with ASU’s Director of Player Personnel Al Luginbill heading up the evaluation process of potential recruits. 

(42:00) Hear Al Luginbill's answer's to Hod Rabino and Ralph Amsden's recruiting questions.

(58:00) Ralph Amsden summarizes everything Al Luginbill shared about Arizona State's recruiting strategy, and reflects on whether it will be successful. Ralph also ponders the potential fallout from Arizona State's decision to cut players from an already thin roster, such as freshman Loren Mondy, who had been committed to ASU for four years before arriving on campus.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 2

May 24, 2018

Episode 2 Rundown (86 minutes)

(Intro) Ralph Amsden opens up the show talking about Arizona State's national media reputation since Herm Edwards' settled in, and muses about what exactly motivates soon-to-be third-year starter at QB, Manny Wilkins.

(22:00) Recruiting! Arizona State doesn't have any 2019 commits- should you worry? Who could they land at each position?

(48:00) Former ASU LB Antonio Longino talks about his time at ASU, his thoughts on the current team, the adversity he faced after leaving ASU, and the book (Fourth and Trenches) he wrote with his brother.

(1:12:00) reporter Jack Harris talks about Arizona State's 2018 baseball season. What went wrong? Can things be salvagedin the immediate future?


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Season 4, Episode 1

April 29, 2018

Welcome to Season 4 of the Devil's Junkie Podcast!

Episode 1 Rundown (57 minutes)

Ralph Amsden opens up the show talking about Arizona State's most recent basketball commit, Uros Plavsic, and brings in Rivals National Basketball Analyst Corey Evans to analyze the Sun Devils' 2018 basketball recruiting class (4:45).

(15:45) Local 2019 Chandler High QB Jacob Conover and TE Brayden Liebrock are on official visits this weekend, what do you need to know about them?

(20:00) The 'vibe' of practice is much more relaxed. A conversation with Devil's Digest publisher Hod Rabino on how the new atmosphere could possibly affect the team.

(26:00) Talking about Spring standouts and Blake Barnett's transfer. 

(30:00) What do Manny Wilkins and Herm Edwards need to do to be on the same page?

(37:00) A look at where ASU player were taken in this weekend's NFL Draft, and a conversation with former ASU OL Marshal Nathe on his medical retirement, and how he sees ASU's draft eligible players faring in the NFL.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E14): Hoops and Herm- Should you be worried about either one?

February 3, 2018

Ralph Amsden takes a deeper look at Arizona State basketball's struggles in Pac-12 play, catches up with a recent Sun Devil basketball commit, and uses Arizona State football recruits to rebut the national narrative that Herm Edwards is in over his head as a recruiter.

Breakdown (97 minutes)

Intro: Why is Arizona State basketball stuggling in Pac-12 play, and how do they break out of this slump? 

16:50- Discussing Bobby Hurley's contract extension.

21:40- Analysis of Arizona State basketball commit Jaelen House, including an interview with House and his high school coach Mike Bibby.

30:25- Herm Edwards' comments about recruiting on the Golic and Wingo show caused a national media stir- was the reaction justified?

49:50- Saguaro LB/DB Connor Soelle, younger brother of ASU LB Kyle Soelle talks about his ASU offer, his recruitment, and his recent visit to Arizona State.

1:01:50- Chandler QB Jacob Conover talks about Herm Edwards' ability to connect to recruits, his newfound interest in Arizona State, and his unique status as an LDS recruit.

1:09:40- Final thoughts on Herm Edwards' ability as a recruiter, and what Arizona State's responsibility to the local high schools are.

1:21:00- Hunter Mayginnes was dropped by Arizona State in favor of the potential for more highly desired recruits? Right move or wrong move?

1:27:20- The first edition of the "Sumlin vs Edwards Scorecard"




The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E13): How Does Kevin Sumlin impact ASU?

January 15, 2018

In this 91-minute episode of the Devils' Junkie Podcast, host Ralph Amsden examins University of Arizona's hire of Kevin Sumlin, and how it impact Arizona State. Is it really a home run hire that leaves egg on the face of Arizona State, or is there more to it than the national narrative that's been presented?


(21:40) Publisher Hod Rabino talks Arizona State basketball, and how their hot start has impacted a fan base and city that is hungry for a contender.

(37:00) Lead Basketball Analyst Gregg Rosenberg talks about what 2019 verbal commit Jaelen House, son of Eddie House, can add to the Sun Devil Hoops program.

(50:00) Reporter Justin Toscano talks ASU baseball, and what fans can expect from a team that has put themselves under the microscope.

(1:14:00) 2019 Defensive Back Noa Pola-Gates talks about his recent offer from Arizona State.

(1:21:40) Ralph Amsden closes out the show by answering listener questions.


The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E12): The Road Back from El Paso

December 30, 2017

Ralph Amsden dissects Arizona State's 52-31 Sun Bowl loss to North Carolina State while driving back from El Paso, and attempts to connect the errors of this particular game to recurring themes of the Todd Graham era. Armand Perry joins the podcast to talk about his life away from football, as well as what Todd Graham helped instill in him as a football player and young man. Finally, Ralph breaks down what Herm Edwards' priorities will be as he takes over Arizona State football. 

Breakdown (96 minutes)


Ralph Amsden discusses Arizona State's loss to North Carolina State, and includes press conference comments from Todd Graham.

Former Arizona State defensive back Armand Perry (36:20):

Armand Perry discusses what he saw on the field at the 2017 Sun Bowl, and how he believes they'll regroup. Perry also discusses what he's been up to since retiring from football, and how Todd Graham positively affected his life beyond the gridiron.

What's in a legacy? (42:30):

Ralph Amsden works through the complex legacies of some of Arizona State's seniors and potential early entrees into the NFL draft, like Christian Sam, Kalen Ballage, Demario Richard, JoJo Wicker and more.

Final Thoughts: How can Herm Edwards right the ship? (59:45)

A look at what new Arizona State football coach Herm Edwards' initial priorities in taking over the program, as well as an examination of the expectations for next year, and a look at how Edwards' fate is ultimately tied to the fate of Athletic Director Ray Anderson.