The Devil’s Junkie Podcast (S3E4): Hello, Spring

March 19, 2017

In this 59-minute episode of the Devil's Junkie Podcast Ralph Amsden gets into the first few practices of the 2017 spring session. Does this Arizona State team have an identity? How are the new coaches faring? Which players have made strides forward? How should fans approach 2017 knowing that it's likely make or break for this staff? We get into all that in this episode, as well as conversations with senior running backs Kalen Ballage and Demario Richard. Devils Digest staff writer Fabian Ardaya talks about the Sun Devils' offense and the quarterback battle, while Devils Digest publisher talks about the defense, Todd Graham's evolution as a coach, and the message board community Rabino has helped foster over the last two decades. Finally, Ralph Amsden answers questions from Devils Digest subscribers.


What have spring practices looked like? How should fans view this 2017 team?

Interview with Kalen Ballage (18:40)

Ballage had an opportunity to pursue an NFL career- instead, he returned for his senior season. He reflects on his evolution as a person and player heading into his final set of spring practices.

Interview with Demario Richard (21:00)

Demario Richard has come to be viewed by the younger players and potential recruits as someone they can trust and look to for honest feedback. He talks about his philosophy on honesty and the legacy he hopes to leave behind in Tempe.

"You come here to leave a stamp on your legacy... make sure people remember you."

Devils Digest Staff Writer Fabian Ardaya (25:15)

Ardaya talks about how the Sun Devils' offense has looked under Billy Napier, and comments on the quarterback competition.

Devils Digest Publisher Hod Rabino (34:15)

Hod Rabino talks about the Sun Devils'' defense under new coordinator Phil Bennett, Todd Graham's evolution and flexibility as a head coach, and how he's been able to help craft a message board community over the last 17 years.

Q & A (49:35)

What are my main takeaways from spring practice so far, and what should subscribers be looking to see from this point on?

Did Robbie Robinoson get a fair shot?


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